has moved.

If you can't get to your shell:
Contact truck on ircnet or efnet, or via mail, or via some channel that truck uses
(facepalm: hell no, hellbird: nope.gif)


We seem to now have a functional connection to ircnet thanks to Dr.Doom and one of the Finnish operators. Kiittos.

Dodke: ping Truck. Your account works. You haven't logged in.

maybe old news? unsure. Until we know the i-line is working 100% for multiple days, this stays here.

Finnish ircnet operators think we're in Germany or something. We're in Helsinki.
Buuut... they still won't let us on.

So: _seems_ to let us in, and seems to be decent for not dropping connections/lag.

EXCEPT, in testing, they only allow ONE connection. So we're back to "please give us an i-line"

You can see other possible servers (generally germany) here: - this ip is

oh noes I didn't bootstrap this or use javascript oh noes the web will b0rk now